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Done With Diabetes 6-point Action Plan **FREE WORKBOOK**

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Diabetes 6-Point Action Plan is a Video based online STEP-BY-STEP system designed to help you reverse Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes. 

This program will guide you through the daily habits that will help you radically improve your overall health, but specifically insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes.

Here’s what you will get In this program:

  • Real-world practical video-based coaching from a Type 2 Diabetes Expert
  • You will get a PROVEN 6-point step by step plan of action to improve and reverse insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes
  • You will learn how to work with your health care provider to decrease or eliminate your diabetes medications
  • Initial assessments for baseline health metrics such as daily glucose, nutrition, fitness, labs and daily behaviors
  • Breakdown summary of diabetes medications and how they work
  • Learn the Labs and test that are important for diabetes improvement
  • Access to lessons that will teach you exactly what diabetes is, how you likely became diabetic and how to reverse it.
  • Step-by-step videos showing you how to use your free workbook
  • Learn how to use Fasting to improve diabetes
  • Learn what types of foods to eat to help improve diabetes
  • Learn what kind of exercise regimen helps to Improve diabetes
  • Get my list of metrics that are important to track for diabetes improvement
  • Recipes, meal plans, shopping list
  • FREE Workbook Shipped
  • and more!

[ BONUS ] When you buy now, you will also get the Done With Diabetes workbook for FREE! The Done With Diabetes workbook will help keep you on track to victory, plan your week for success, as well as showing you your progress on this journey.