The Psychological crutch from hell!

Confessions of a professional crutch kicker...

by Edward in HEALTH, MINDSET

We hear it all the time. Such and such got this, and so and so got that, but you know it runs in the family.

This is something that I hear almost every day when I’m seeing patients, and if not every day, then definitely every other day. However, here’s what I have noticed about the usage of this saying, nevermind the fact that it’s not true, but it seems to be used as a psychological crutch.

So what exactly is a psychological crutch? Well, essentially, it is the mental version of a physical crutch. A physical crutch could be anything that you rely upon to help make you feel secure with a physical vulnerability. The best example, of course, would be, a broken leg and an actual crutch. When someone has a broken leg, they have real vulnerabilities. They are no longer able to do for themselves the way they could previously and they may even have to rely on someone else’s help just to function, or even a wheelchair or crutch. Therefore it gives the vulnerable one a sense of security during this time of insecurity.

However, at some point in this example, the vulnerable one will have to let go of that crutch, because something that once provided security and assistance, can lead to weakness and fragility if overused. You see, a crutch is not a good or bad thing, it just is. How and when it is used determines the effects, it will have on the user.

In the case of a psychological crutch, this would be a mentality or ideology about a particular vulnerability that resides in a person mind. It’s not physical, you can’t touch it, no one else can see it, but it is there and real in the mind of the vulnerable. This type of crutch helps a person get through and better deal with their vulnerability.

However, unlike the first example, this one is a little bit tricky, as we are dealing with the intangible. A broken leg is a broken leg and walking on it can impair recovery, and that can be proven. However, things can get pretty complicated with psychological crutches. Luckily for you, I’m going to make this real simple.

I have a confession to make. My name is Edward Williams, I am the founder of Health By Any Means Necessary, and I am a professional crutch kicker. That’s right, I kick out crutches for a living. I know it sounds a little cruel, but hear me out.

Hypertension, diabetes type 2, high cholesterol, obesity and several other preventable conditions, are believed by most in our communities, to be something that just runs in our family. Therefore, since it runs in our families, it should be expected that the vulnerable ones will all be affected by it eventually, after all, you’re black.

And that when I come in, waiving, not the four-four, but my size elevens and kicking these psychological crutches, that has virtually taken non-disabled adults and handicapped them because they believe in one of the biggest lies and detrimental affirmations in our community, “it runs in my family.”

“It runs in my family,” is the psychological crutch from hell!

Once these crutches are kicked from under them, the user who once believed that they needed them to survive, are shocked that they didn’t fall to the ground. WALK, is what I say as I strip away years of mental conditioning that has thoroughly convinced them that sickness is their ultimate destiny and that they should just accept it. WALK, is what I say as I make them see how ludicrous it is to believe that being black equals a heritage of sickness. WALK, is what I say as I show them all of the practical improvements and steps that they can do in real time to better their health. WALK, is what I say as I remind them about our long history of antifragility, which means the ability to increase in capability, resilience, or robustness as a result of stressors, shocks, volatility, noise, mistakes, faults, attacks, or failures.

A life plagued with preventable conditions is not your destiny. It’s crucial the every one of us understands this. Think about what the trajectory will be, of a community of people who believes that they are destined to be sick. Where does this put their children in the next fifty year?

This is my gospel and mission. However, I need your help spreading this message, so please be sure to share, like and subscribe. I addition to that, feel free to check out one of our free health courses. We have just completed the first in the health course series and will be doing many more. -Blood Pressure Mini health course-

Our community, our responsibility, we have what it takes, Let’s Get It!

P.E.A.C.E ✌🏿

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Your Aggressively Inspired Brother & Health coach,

~~ Edward Williams PA-C

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