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REVOLT- Circulation & Flow | Nitric Oxide Booster Kit

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Now get all of the Circulation benefits of our herbal supplements, rolled into one convenient kit called "REVOLT"

  • 1 Bottle of Blood Pressure Support
  • 2 Bags of Pressure-T

Pressure - T (3 oz.)

(Loose Leaf Herbal Tea) 3 oz.  BAG

Circulation/ Blood Pressure support

Pressure- T - Herbal Tea for circulation support ( 3 ounces)

  • Hibiscus

  • Rose Hips

  • Blueberries

  • Cranberries 

The Science! 

Improve your Blood Pressure with only 2 cups a day!

Multiple studies have shown the power and benefits of what 2 cups a day of Hibiscus tea can do for your Blood Pressure:

That’s right! Hibiscus tea was found to be as effective as a starting dose of both of these meds, but here’s the best part. Hibiscus tea did all of this without absolutely no side effects!

That means:

  • No electrolyte imbalance
  • No increased urination
  • No muscle cramps
  • No annoying dry cough
  • No sexual dysfunctions
  • And all the other side effects that come along with these meds

Pressure-T is a loose leaf herbal tea designed to radically improve endothelial health by providing it with key phytonutrients that have been shown to improve it's functioning. Pressure-T supports you with:

  • Improved Blood Pressure†
  • Improved insulin sensitivity†
  • Enhanced nitric oxide production†
  • Enhanced endothelial health and functioning† 
  • Overall Circulatory Health†
  • Improved Blood Flow To Extremities

Blood Pressure Support is a 100% natural formula for radically improving endothelial health by providing it with key nutrients to help improve it's functioning. BPS supports you with:

  • Improved Blood Pressure†
  • Enhanced nitric oxide production†
  • Enhanced endothelial health and functioning† 
  • Overall Circulatory Health†
  • Reduction In Varicose Veins †
  • Improved Blood Flow To Extremities†
  • Contains Niacin which promotes circulation and improved blood flow.
  • It includes Hawthorn Berry which promotes healthy muscles and nerves surrounding the heart, and strong veins and capillary structure.  

  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf and Butcher’s Broom Root are vascular dilators which increase circulation thereby providing blood and oxygen nourishment to every part of the body. 

  • Horse Chestnut Seed promotes healthy blood circulation and protects against vascular damage by improving the elasticity of veins and capillaries.

  • Ginger Root stimulates blood flow by reducing blood platelet “clumping” and by thinning the blood to normal levels.

  • Red Sage dilates blood vessels to normal levels, thus increasing the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to vital organs. It also helps keep the blood vessels soft and supple.

  • Motherwort Leaf promotes a strong, healthy heartbeat.

  • Bilberry Leaf promotes healthy vascular activity and promotes healthy circulation in the eyes, hands, feet, and brain.