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REVOLT- Circulation & Flow | Nitric Oxide Booster Kit

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Now get all of the Circulation benefits of our herbal supplements, rolled into one convenient kit called "REVOLT"

  • 1 Bottle of Blood Pressure Support
  • 2 Bags of Pressure-T
  • 1 Stainless steel strainer (not shown)

Pressure - T (3 oz.)

(Loose Leaf Herbal Tea) 3 oz.  BAG

Circulation/ Blood Pressure support

Pressure- T - Herbal Tea for circulation support ( 3 ounces)

  • Hibiscus

  • Rose Hips

  • Blueberries

  • Cranberries 

The Science! 

Improve your Blood Pressure with only 2 cups a day!

Multiple studies have shown the power and benefits of what 2 cups a day of Hibiscus tea can do for your Blood Pressure:

That’s right! Hibiscus tea was found to be as effective as a starting dose of both of these meds, but here’s the best part. Hibiscus tea did all of this without absolutely no side effects!

That means:

  • No electrolyte imbalance
  • No increased urination
  • No muscle cramps
  • No annoying dry cough
  • No sexual dysfunctions
  • And all the other side effects that come along with these meds

Pressure-T is a loose leaf herbal tea designed to radically improve endothelial health by providing it with key phytonutrients that have been shown to improve it's functioning. Pressure-T supports you with:

  • Improved Blood Pressure†
  • Improved insulin sensitivity†
  • Enhanced nitric oxide production†
  • Enhanced endothelial health and functioning† 
  • Overall Circulatory Health†
  • Improved Blood Flow To Extremities

Blood Pressure Support is a 100% natural formula for radically improving endothelial health by providing it with key nutrients to help improve it's functioning. BPS supports you with:

  • Improved Blood Pressure†
  • Enhanced nitric oxide production†
  • Enhanced endothelial health and functioning† 
  • Overall Circulatory Health†
  • Reduction In Varicose Veins †
  • Improved Blood Flow To Extremities†
  • Contains Niacin which promotes circulation and improved blood flow.
  • It includes Hawthorn Berry which promotes healthy muscles and nerves surrounding the heart, and strong veins and capillary structure.  

  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf and Butcher’s Broom Root are vascular dilators which increase circulation thereby providing blood and oxygen nourishment to every part of the body. 

  • Horse Chestnut Seed promotes healthy blood circulation and protects against vascular damage by improving the elasticity of veins and capillaries.

  • Ginger Root stimulates blood flow by reducing blood platelet “clumping” and by thinning the blood to normal levels.

  • Red Sage dilates blood vessels to normal levels, thus increasing the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to vital organs. It also helps keep the blood vessels soft and supple.

  • Motherwort Leaf promotes a strong, healthy heartbeat.

  • Bilberry Leaf promotes healthy vascular activity and promotes healthy circulation in the eyes, hands, feet, and brain.

Tea Ball

Stainless Steel Mesh Tea ball Infuser: 

Made of high quantity stainless steel, designed to be very convenient and last long. Use our tea ball infuser to replace your tea bags, and make loose leaf tea with ease. 

  • Fill the tea ball with your choice of loose leaf tea and clasp shut.
  • Place the tea ball in hot water for a fast brew or cold water for cold. 
  • The attached hook lets the ball hang from your teapot or panhandle and is easily removable when your herbs have fully steeped.
  • You can ever place the tea ball in your container of choice and carry with you on the go.