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3-PACK Pressure - T Birthday (3 oz. each Bag) & Bonuses

  • (Loose Leaf Herbal Tea) 3 oz. - 3 BAGS 
  • Circulation & Flow Protocol

Circulation/ Blood Pressure support

Pressure- T - Herbal Tea for circulation support ( 3 ounces)

  • (Hibiscus/ Rose Hips/ Blueberries/ Cranberries/ Natural Flavors)

    Improve your Blood Pressure with only 2 cups a day!

    Multiple studies have shown the power and benefits of what 2 cups a day of Hibiscus tea can do for your Blood Pressure:

    That’s right! Hibiscus tea was found to be as effective as a starting dose of both of these meds, but here’s the best part. Hibiscus tea did all of this without absolutely no side effects!

    That means:

    • No electrolyte imbalance
    • No increased urination
    • No muscle cramps
    • No annoying dry cough
    • No sexual dysfunctions
    • And all the other side effects that come along with these meds

    Blood Pressure On Point 7-Day Meal Plan

    The Blood Pressure On Point meal plan provides you with the same principles that I have used with hundreds of my patients to help them to improve their blood pressure! 

    • 7 days of blood pressure improving meals

    • Learn the keys to staying successful with a meal plan

    • Recipes & Shopping list included