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The moving goal post

**KillMonger takeover day 3** My pops N’jobu use to constantly tell me, “not everything that glitters, is gold.” That was one of his two favorite sayings. The other one was, “give them a little bit of truth to attract them, and make the rest of it lies to entrap them.” This was essentially was his […]

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Product of my environment

**KillMonger** I know a thing or two about being misunderstood and neglected, that was the story of my childhood. Unfortunately, my story wasn’t unique; there were plenty just like me who lacked guidance, love, and protection. We learned from an early age that there were only two ways, either you adapt to your environment or […]

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The tip of the iceberg, but an iceberg no less…

If you’re not up to date about what’s going on around here or why I sent Edward away for a little bit, be sure to read the latest email or social media post, which will explain everything. As many of you already know, I am a pretty quick learner, so it didn’t take long before […]

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The truth about Diuretics

They told me not to do this one, however, their explanation wasn’t good enough… Se here we go! Let’s start this off with a bold, but a very true statement. Medications for high blood pressure, simply don’t work. Well, let me refrain that. They work as far as lowering your numbers on this electronic device, […]

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The Psychological crutch from hell!

We hear it all the time. Such and such got this, and so and so got that, but you know it runs in the family. This is something that I hear almost every day when I’m seeing patients, and if not every day, then definitely every other day. However, here’s what I have noticed about […]

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The Truth About Salt & High Blood Pressure

 Summary (watch video for full content) Out with the old, in with the TRUTH For years, as it pertains to high blood pressure and dietary advice, one of the most common recommendations has been to cut back on sodium. However, that recommendation has now been thoroughly debunked in addition to being shown to have possibly caused […]

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Homie we made it!

Homie we made it! Well kinda, ok well maybe we didn’t make it “yet” but it was definitely a strong step forward in the right direction. There aren’t too many platforms or personalities that are willing to go all out for our community unapologetically, through thick or thin, while doing the work that needs to […]

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I Got enemies, got a lot of enemies…

Studies estimate that nearly 50% of people who are prescribed medications for high blood pressure do NOT take their meds as prescribed. What’s wrong with these people? Why are they not taking these medications? Are they out of their minds? OR, are they in their right minds? What do I mean by that? Anytime you […]

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High Blood Pressure is NOT a disease!

High Blood Pressure is NOT a disease!   Brown leaves and Check engine lights Imagine you were a gardener and one day while walking through your garden, you happen to notice that one of the leaves on your kale plants were starting to turn brown. As a gardener, would you then A.) Pull out a […]

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Metabolism 101- Understanding the basics (part-1)

Part 1 Talk to anyone about weight loss, weight gain, health or exercise and then hold your breath until you hear the word metabolism. Don’t worry, you won’t be holding your breath for too long. Before you can say “bad and boujee”, you will hear about speeding it up, slowing it down, revving it up […]

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Longevity Starts in the Heart Being conscious of your heart health choices is a big key to longevity, because the condition of your heart is primarily controlled by your lifestyle choices; what you eat, how much physical activity you partake in, and how well you manage your stress in life. Regardless of who you are, […]

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DIABETES VS HIIT Round 1 We all use to do it. Whether we were playing hide and go seek, freeze tag or riding our bikes playing chase, we all at some point habitually did HIIT. In fact, doing HIIT seemed to come so natural to us  that is was baked into our play.  It was […]

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